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Jasmine Fem Wash 7 Oz

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Our Fem Wash was made right alongside our signature Yoni Oil. This is a very gentle soap specifically for your lady parts but also gentle enough to use full-body as well. The Fem Wash can assist in stretching your yoni oil to last longer because some days the Fem Wash can be enough to keep your pH balanced all on its own. The fem Wash is a mix of Chamomille, aloe water, and ACV along with a  blend of essential oils that serves the vagina in many ways. Some examples are to restore feminine balance; it can act as an antibacterial & antifungal. It also prevents infection and eliminates odor. When applying please only wash your vulva as the inside of your vagina should not have soap inside of it. A little goes a long way. Ladies who are sensitive this is a good way to go!